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We deeply value the strength of teamwork rooted in a shared sense of purpose and the effectiveness of a user-centered approach, coupled with rapid testing of critical hypothesis, continuous improvement, and market validation.

Many successful initiatives share two key elements: a well-aligned core team and a disciplined innovation process that emphasizes the user's perspective as the ultimate North Star.

Our role is to assist you in navigating the path to success, from defining your challenge to deploying your solution. I am driven by a commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for innovation and technology.

With a background as an entrepreneurial leader in Silicon Valley, I believe in maintaining a positive outlook, fostering purpose-driven partnerships, and striving for meaningful outcomes.


Please don't hesitate to reach out for an initial consultation to discuss how I can customize my services to meet your specific needs

A Purpose Driven Leader


An entrepreneurial leader with 4 successful launches of technology businesses in North America and Europe; an enthusiastic achiever with a passion for building, launching and scaling digital businesses under the Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies in both established organizations & early stage start-ups.

By creating compelling visions, assembling world-class teams and developing robust go-to-market strategies, I have raised over $30M in VC funding for new start-ups and drove senior executives in large organizations to embrace corporate transformation, craft new digital strategies, and implement a 2 speed-innovation model with outstanding results.

After decades at the helm of new ventures, I am eager to empower the next generation while still enjoying the satisfaction of hands-on implementation and impact.


Named Business Transformation Leader by Constellation Research for 2019-2020.

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