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Our goal is to help individuals and businesses bring their ideas to life and make heroes driven by impact.

We’ve taken on a variety of early-stage projects, always exceeding our clients’ expectations. Take a look at the most recent projects below.



Nov 2022

  • Conducted user-centric market research to gain insights into user concerns and pain points, validating a market opportunity in the enterprise sector.

  • Worked closely with the client to develop a range of solutions and a corresponding product roadmap.

  • Built a business case supported by a detailed financial model, which was instrumental to the successful completion of a $6.3 million seed round.

Bike Path


Aug 2023

  • Led initiative to boost the growth and relevance of the OSU Mobility Lab by conducting a two-day ideation session involving key stakeholders across organizations.

  • Evaluated and prioritized options based on factors like desirability, feasibility, and sustainability.

  • Outlined an action plan centered around the top three chosen initiatives.

Rock Balancing



  • Collaborated with a dedicated entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in mental health and a strong commitment to addressing the mental health crisis impacting the U.S. population.

  • Provided guidance to this first-time entrepreneur, with a focus on practical initial decisions and actions.

  • Together, we identified and validated two compelling market opportunities using the Design Thinking methodology.

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